Meet the Staff

Miss Deanna, Director

Favourite Activity:

I love to read books to children and interact with them throughout the story. I love to teach children about their world and share in their excitement and wonder as they learn.

Favourite Memory:

One summer day we brought out many types and sizes of fabric. The children wanted to wear them as capes. All ages of children were running all over the yard and up and down the hill with their capes trailing behind them. They had so much fun!

Miss Chantellia, Infant Room

Favourite Activity:

I love anything sensory! I like the expressions on their faces when they feel different textures.

What I love about working at DaySpring:

I like working at DaySpring because of the respect we all have for each other and all the fun the staff and children have. Our staff are like family.

Miss Jolene, Toddler Room

What I love about working with children:

I love watching them grow and learn new things. Each child is different and it’s fun to see all the different personalities. They are very funny, enthusiastic, creative & loving.

Favourite part of working at DaySpring:

I love working here, because it’s always fun. The staff have become family. We each have our unique personalities, our own ways of interacting with the children. Each staff has special and unique bonds with each child. We work together great as a team. I enjoy spending my days here.

Miss Laura, Preschool

Favourite Activities:

I love anything messy! I love glitter, shaving cream, etc. I love gardening and enjoying nature.

Favourite Memories:

One day the children caught me dancing and one of them blurted out “Teacher Laura has old lady dance moves!”. The children started to dance like me and said the the dance was called “Teacher Laura old lady move”. What they didn’t realize was that I had actually stubbed my toe and it hurt so much that I was dancing around. The children were still doing this move the next day!

Miss Rose, Preschool (part-time)

“I love working with children and hearing their thoughts on different topics”

Miss Elsie, Toddlers & Relief

“I love watching the kids as they explore, grow and learn about new things around them.”

Favourite Memory:

We had a fun day planned called “Mud Day”. I was playing with the kids in the mud, when we all fell down together in a puddle of mud. We were all dirty and muddy, but it was so fun.

Miss Trautie, Chef & Relief

“One of the funniest things I heard a child say was that I was a better cook than their Mom. I love working with children and teaching them how to draw simple animals, using shapes.”